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Here we are going to write results and comments from our trialing.


categori 1 Posted on Tue, August 14, 2012 09:21:32

Strathlachlan SDT 11 aug 2012.

3 nice sheep, long narrow fetch, short drive, shut and a single on the last sheep.

Net had a good run, lost some points on the top, the rest was pretty good.

Judge M Griffin


1.I.Brownlie/Gus 93
2.R.MacDiarmid/Jim 92
3.I.Brownlie/Mo 92
4.A.MacDiarmid/Rex 91
5.N.McEachern/Cloe 88
6.L.Magnusson/Net 88


categori 1 Posted on Tue, August 14, 2012 09:15:19

Skipness SDT 11 aug 2012.

A beautiful trialcourse, close to the sea, with Isle of Arran on the other side.
Very good sheep.
Jim run very well on his morning run and lost only 3 points, won the trial, best OLF and best drive. He also won the trophy for best result under two days.

Judge K Brehmer.


1.M.Magnusson/Jim 97
2.D.Robertson/Moot 95
3.A.Carnegie/Chip 95
4.S.Davidson/George 95
5.J.Barr/Jeff 94
6.A.Simson/Loos 94